Illuminated Guidance & Delineation System

Guidance System

No more looking for your turning points. No more second guessing where to go. Simply follow the illuminated guide posts on the haul road. Delineate a blast pattern or highlight water pipe under a haul road.

World's First 360 Visible Guide

World's First 360 Visible Guide

World's First 360 Visible Guide


Allows Operators to clearly plan there route at night no matter how obscure or serpentine the haul road. Visible from over 2000 metres.


World's First 360 Visible Guide

World's First 360 Visible Guide


Increase your visibility at night for your blast pattern. With 360 degree visibility, it will allow anyone on site to clearly identify the perimeter.

CDMI Australia Guidance System is simple to use.

Following your Site Traffic Management Plan, install our coloured guide posts

Our Illuminated guide posts aren't limited to just haul roads or as access indicators. Our Patented light has  four colours to choose from.  White, green, yellow and red. Using the white guide post, change the light to red and it can be used to highlight a hazardous area such as a blast pattern next to a haul road.  During the day, it looks like a standard guide post. But at night it will glow red to warn traffic that a hazard is present in that area. 

Instead of tying up production equipment to close a haul road that is temporarily closed, place our white guide posts across the haul road and turn our light to red. On coming traffic will see the red glowing guide posts and clearly understand that the road is closed.



Blue guide post is for water pipe under any roads to prevent damage from equipment. In pit sumps or bodies of water across haul roads.  Where ever you have a concern with bodies of water.


Yellow guide posts can be used to highlight heavy vehicle access roads to enter the pit, entrances to go lines or work shops. 


Green guide post can be used for light vehicle access roads, entry into crib huts, work shops, go lines and designated light vehicle park up areas.


 Having white guide posts on the side of the haul road and on corners allows trucks to clearly plan and see all intersections on their route of travel. This will minimise the risk of contacting corners and centre bunds 


Red guide posts are for blasting delineation. Have them around a blast pattern to maximise its visibility. Approaching dozers and dig units will clearly see the blast pattern boundaries to avoid accidentally entering or digging into a blast pattern.


Solar Light

Solar Light

Solar Light

  • Flash or Non Flash
  • Light colours: white, green, yellow & red
  • Light directional lens
  • Long lasting custom battery
  • Low battery flash mode at 30% charge remaining

Guide Post

Solar Light

Solar Light

  • Designed in one metre lengths
  • Directional one-way threads
  • Can be joined to any length
  • Poles come in multiple colours
  • Locking blister
  • Custom UV Resistant dye
  • Recessed 3M Diamond Grade reflective stickers
  • Recyclable

For more information download our brochure

2020-03-CDMI-Brochure-Email (pdf)


2020-03-CDMI-Brochure (pdf)


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